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Zhumadian is a prefecture-level city in southern Henan , People's Republic of China. It borders Xinyang to the south, Nanyang to the west, Pingdingshan to the northwest, Luohe to the north, Zhoukou to the northeast, and the province of Anhui to the east.

Administrative divisions

The prefecture-level city of Hebi administers 1 and 9 .

*Yicheng District
*Runan County
*Pingyu County
*Xincai County
*Shangcai County
*Xiping County
*Suiping County
*Queshan County
*Zhengyang County
*Biyang County


Zhumadian was previously known as Yicheng, for it used to be a relay station. In the Tang Dynasty, the emperor ordered his soldiers carry lychees from Guangdong to his charming princess Yang who loved to eat lychees. And Zhumadian was one of the relay stations.


Mainly wheat, maize, peanut, sesame, green beans and tobacco.


Zhumadian has a brilliant cultural background and there are many great people in ancient times. There is an old site of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai who are the characters in '''', a famous Chinese story.


Zhumadian has 62 different dams including Banqiao Dam within its territory.


One of the Chinese main highways, Road 107, runs through Zhumadian. Zhumadian also has its own transportation system.

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