Monday, October 13, 2008


Luohe is a prefecture-level city in central Henan , People's Republic of China. It is surrounded by the cities of Xuchang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian and Pingdingshan on its north, east, south and west respectively.


The prefecture level city of Luohe administers 3 and 2 .

*Yancheng District
*Yuanhui District
*Shaoling District
*Linyin County
*Wuyang County

Agriculture and industry

Cultivation of wheat, corn and textile industry are important for the economy of the area. The city is famous for its ham production industry. Shuanghui is the biggest ham producer in China. A commercial center since ancient times, Luohe presently is home to light industries including food preparation, paper, leather making / shoes, textiles, cigarettes, and electronics.

Famous village


Famous people

Xu Shen : famous linguist during the Han Dynasty. He compiled the first Chinese character dictionary Shuowen Jiezi.

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