Monday, October 13, 2008


The urban area is 35 km?, and the urban population is 300,000. The city is located in the southwest of Henan province, adjacent to the borders between Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi. It geometrically lies in the center of the triangle of Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Xi'an, with equal distance to any of these three cities.

It is a city with a long cultural history in China. Historically well known celebrities include: Zhang Zhongjing , Han Yu , Kou Zhun , Fan Zhongyan , Yao Xueyin , Zhou Daxin etc.


Agriculture is the No.1 including wheat, cotton, maize, sesame, yellow beans, peppers, tobacco, etc.

Industry: Cigarette-packing, Jade art sculpting, Food processing, etc.


Airplane to nearest Nanyang airport; Drive along the National Expressway Network . Railway by K149, K206/K207, K205/K208, K184, 6010/6011/6014, 1512/1513, 1389/1390, 1165/1168, 1126/1127. Public bus transport: many


Lan Xiu Ting , Pagoda of Fu Sheng, relics of ancient city wall and the recently built touring area along the Tuan River.


Dengzhou No.1 High School is the most popular high school of the city. Nanyang No.4 Teachers College is the only college of the city licensed to issue certified educational diplomas to students.

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