Monday, October 13, 2008


Jiyuan is a sub-prefecture-level city in northwestern Henan , People's Republic of China. It borders the of Jiaozuo and Luoyang to the east and southwest respectively, as well as the province of Shanxi to the north.


The sub-prefecture-level city of Jiyuan administers 8 , 4 and 4 subdistricts. Jiyuan is named after the Ji river whose source is said be a spring located on the west of the city.


Jiyuan was a county belonging to Jiaozuo city in the past, then it was divided from the city.Jishui River, one of the anciet"Four Rivers" with the Yangzi River, Yellow River and Huai River, originates from Jiyuan, literally the source of Jishui, hence deriving its name. According to the latest archaeological findings, as early as around 1,000 years ago, precisely at the end of the Paleolithic Period and the beginning of the Neolithic Period, people have lived here. It used to be the capital of the Xia Dynasty and was well known for its wealth between the Period of Warring States and Han Dynasty.


There are many crops grown in Jiyuan, such as wheat, peanut, cotton, sweet potato, maize and others.


Jiyuan, unlike in other Chinese regions, does not have serious drought or flood, but is very hot.


The city is now developing quickly. It is more convenient for the people living in the county than before, as people can go to the city easily by bus.

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